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SMM to host top-class conferences on open stages for the first time

A multi-faceted, comprehensive conference programme addressing the industry’s most pressing issues will once again captivate SMM visitors this year. The leading international maritime trade fair will put decarbonisation, digitalisation, recruiting as well as maritime security and defence at the top…

Maritime Career Market: SMM mobilises talent

At SMM, the maritime industry will highlight its appeal to the young generation. The global flagship fair in September will feature the Maritime Career Market (MCM), where pupils and students can learn about many fascinating and varied training options and jobs in the maritime sector. Young talents…

MS&D to address geopolitical challenges

Just three months ahead of its start, SMM gave a foretaste of the international conference for maritime security and defence. The agenda at MS&D on 5 and 6 September will not only cover the latest trends in naval shipbuilding but also geostrategic issues. Panel members will include public figures…

SMM 2024: Technologies for the future of shipping

From 3 to 6 September, the Who’s Who of the maritime industry meets at SMM 2024. Apart from current geopolitical challenges, the agenda of the global flagship fair in Hamburg will focus on the decarbonisation of ships, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the recruitment of young talent. With these…

SMM 2024: AI accelerates the digital transformation

Digitalising processes makes shipping more flexible, efficient and eco-friendly. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing role of growing importance in these efforts. At the leading international maritime trade fair in Hamburg, the topic will be covered in depth at the AI CENTER, where innovative…


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