Hamburg: Speicherstadt evening impression, / Andreas Vallbracht

An ideal connection: Combining urbanism with nature

Hamburg is a city of many facets and choices where you can be whoever you are, and live any way you like. A water-bound metropolis that thrives on the variety of its districts, people and cultures. Hamburg is the totality of its elements, not a melting pot but a place of coexistence. Not uniform but full of contrasts: An international metropolis with intimate neighbourhoods, a combination of tradition and innovation, work and celebration, shopping and leisure.

Yet, unlike many other major cities Hamburg finds ways to reconcile the most diverse worlds, blending them into a harmonious symphony that is always exciting, beautiful, varied, inspiring and fresh. And right in the midst of it all: the city’s largest event campus, surrounded by countless hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs, shopping miles and entertainment options, green areas and parks, the harbour and the water, all in the immediate vicinity.