Was bewegt die Branche?

Neues aus der Branche. Neues von der SMM.

Hall A5 focusing on green propulsion technologies

Since 2016, SMM has dedicated one of its halls entirely to environmentally friendly technologies and solutions for the maritime industry.

6th anniversary of gmec – setting again the green agenda

Underscoring SMM’s pioneering role as a platform for green leaders, the 6th anniversary of gmec, the global maritime environmental congress, will explore the challenging route towards zero emissions.

Green Route – the direct route to green exhibitors

Following the Green Route is the easiest way to see the latest in environmentally friendly drivetrain technologies, solutions for reducing emissions and other systems to combat marine pollution.

New: Green Transition Stage

For the first time at SMM, exhibitors are given the opportunity to feature their innovations, product highlights or projects in exclusive 10-minute slots on dedicated Transition Stages.