In 2024, SMM is setting new standards in cooperation with AI.HAMBURG with the AI CENTER - which is all about advanced AI technologies and their potential for the maritime industry. For investors, entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts, the AI CENTER in Hall B6 offers an excellent opportunity to find out about the latest developments and become part of the dynamic AI community.

Requirements for partipating at AI CENTER:

  • The company may have been founded up to 9 years ago
  • Not in majority holding of a company established on the market
  • Max. 50 employees (Start-ups that offer innovative solutions may, in exceptional cases, have more employees)

With the complete AI CENTER package, we offer you the best conditions for presenting yourself at the AI CENTER and generating new leads.

Complete AI CENTER Package


  • Special AI Booth Signage & Design
  • WiFi
  • Included services per exhibitor:
    • 40" monitor
    • 2m printed back wall with textile print in the design of the joint stand
    • individual logo of the exhibitor on the back wall
    • 1 long arm spotlight
    • 1 high table 60cmx60cmx110cm (WxDxH), white
    • 2 Z bar stools, white
    • 1 power socket
  • Services of the joint stand:
    • Storage room with coat rack, waste bin and shelf
    • fascia boards on rear wall in the design of the joint stand
    • Suspended banner in the design of the joint stand
    • Additional seating groups
    • Lighting via long-arm spotlights on rear walls
    • Carpet
    • Daily cleaning (vacuuming carpet/wiping tables and chairs)
  • exhibitor passes
  • Access to Networking events:
    • Wine o’ clock
  • Entry in the online exhibitor directory, the trade fair app & Visitor Guide
    • Basic Marketing Package included (company description, company website, keywords, social media buttons + links)
  • Participation in Lightning Talks at a Transition Stage
  • Marketing & communication as part of the visitor advertising campaign of SMM
  • Additional services by AI.Hamburg
    • Marketing & communication in the network of AI.Hamburg
    • General Photo/Video Production during the fair
    • Startup Use Cases and Industry Insights
    • Interview and After Movie Production

EUR 6.500 excl. VAT

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AI will deeply transform all technologies and verticals in the next 10+ years because it will penetrate all industries like the PC, the Internet, and the smartphone. AI.HAMBURG was founded in 2019 and, together with its founding partners and AI experts, aims to make the region a beacon in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI.HAMBURG has an international network of advisors and AI experts who provide their knowledge and experience from various industries. This includes the extensive and growing AI ecosystem, which gives visibility to the Hamburg AI players and offers networking opportunities. AI.HAMBURG is also the initiator and consortium partner of the Hamburger AI.STARTUP.HUB.

Official Media partner

We continue to make steps in revolutionizing emissions management across the maritime industry. With our AI-powered emissions monitoring and optimization capabilities, shipping companies can accelerate progress toward their sustainability goals and meet international regulations. Together, we are solidifying a new, data-driven standard for the entire industry, and making significant moves to combat climate change.

Dylon Keil
CEO & Co-Founder
Bearing AI

With increased implementation of sensors to capture data, good decision making does not lie within the data itself, but AI models help decision-makers and other software systems make sharper decisions, leading to fuel savings and emission reductions.

Casimir Morobé

The maritime sector faces significant safety challenges, particularly in navigation and emergency response. Our AI-driven AR technology addresses these issues by providing real-time, visual information enhancements that are critical in high-pressure environments, thus markedly improving decision-making and operational safety.

Moritz Rath

The maritime sector, like many other industries, is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by the rapid advancements of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is revolutionizing the way we think about operations, logistics and safety, unlocking new efficiencies across the sector. AILiveSim is at the forefront of this AI-driven revolution. Our platform harnesses the power of AI to develop and refine cutting-edge assistance features and autonomous capabilities for maritime vessels.

Jérôme Leudet

We utilize AI in our iHelm solution. This allows us to have an adaptable solution, and future-proofing the operations of our customers.

Ethan Faghani
CEO and Founder