The world’s leading trade fair for the maritime industry

With over 2,200 exhibitors and about 50,000 visitors from all over the world, SMM continues to cement its position as the most imporant event in the maritime industry calendar.

The trade fair offers a perfect stage for gathering insights, networking, cementing business deals and contributing to debates with the thought leaders in this sector.


More than 2,200 exhibitors from all over the world

Roughly 50,000 trade visitors, and 90,000 square metres of exhibition space – impressive numbers that speak for themselve

In 2018, SMM again confirmed its position as the most important event in the maritime industry calendar.

The extremely high number of visitors in recent years underscores the diversity of the trade fair’s demographic: not only is SMM attended by top shipbuilders, key players in the value chain, operators and service providers, it is a unique chance to rub shoulders with representatives of industry, government, navies and the scientific community.

After the last SMM, exhibitors expressed total satisfaction with the fruitful discussions before, during and after the event, many of which opened the door to promising post-fair business.

SMM is a true reflection of industry trends. With over half of the visitors coming to observe new technology and innovations, exhibitors enjoy measurable success during and after the trade fair. Connections made at the trade fair often result in follow-up equipment and service sales in the millions of euros.

One in every ten visitors to your stand has direct investment or a purchasing intention in mind. SMM not only allows you to help these visitors make an informed choice, it also gives you the opportunity to build on potential leads and turn them into your next project.

SMM has never been stronger in terms of international participation, business visitor profiles and government and naval organisation involvement.

If setting or witnessing trends is important to you, you’re in excellent company at SMM.

Facts & Figures

Facts and Figures

Name:SMM – the leading international maritime trade fair, Hamburg
Date:2 – 5 February 2021 (and extended until next SMM in September 2022)
Frequency:Every two years

1 Shipbuilding / shipyard industry
2 Ship fittings and equipment
3 Prime movers / propulsion systems
4 Auxiliary systems for propulsion
5 Ship operation equipment
6 Cargo handling systems
7 Electrical engineering/electronics
8 Marine technology
9 Ports and port technology
10 Maritime services
11 Naval weapon systems
12 Shipbrokers and charterers
13 Shipowners
14 Media

Halls:2021 fully digitalised
Visitors 2018:roughly 50,000 visitors
Exhibitors 2018:more than 2,200 exhibitors from all over the world
Target region:national, international


the marketplace for commercial success

  • 93%of all exhibitors considered SMM 2016 to have been an excellent to satisfactory commercial success for their companies.

engaging peers and target groups at SMM

  • 98%of all exhibitors succeeded in establishing the basis for further business by meeting all or nearly all of their key business partners and reaching out to new target groups at SMM 2016.

Planned presence at SMM 2018

  • 97%of trade fair participants declared their definitive or probable participation at SMM 2018.

overwhelmingly positive response

  • 95%of the visitors rated SMM 2016 either excellent or good in an overall assessment of the event.

Visitor breakdown by purpose of visit

  • 35

    Education/building on own specialist knowledge

  • 48

    Touch base with existing business contacts

  • 55

    Generate new business leads

  • 26

    Check out the competition

  • 46

    Learn about innovations and new technology

  • 32

    Exchange information and experience with peers

  • 42

    Gain an overview of developments in the industry

Exhibitor breakdown by nature of business

  • 16

    Ship operating equipment

  • 44

    Ship fitting and equipment

  • 23

    Engines, propulsion technology

  • 49

    Shipbuilding industry

  • 20

    Electrical systems/electronics

  • 18

    Maritime services