Hermanos Toimil Garcia, S.L. Toimil Marine

Toimil Marine – To meet your challenges

TOIMIL MARINE offers a comprehensive product range of foldable knuckle boom, heavy duty foldable knuckle boom, stiff boom, telescopic boom and knuckle boom cranes for various applications. All our product range is designed to withstand extremely high strain in order to meet the safety standards and extreme environmental conditions of the marine industry.
Our long term experience reflects that many applications can be satisfied by using one of our diverse marine cranes range, and tailoring it slightly to meet the specific operating requirements.

As a Spanish leading supplier of marine cranes, TOIMIL MARINE offers cranes for the most diverse applications also under tough conditions. The use of high-grade materials stand for a costefficient production and a high-quality product makes our cranes the perfect choice for all kinds of applications and needs , it does not matter how tough operating conditions will be or how high, how low, and how far out the load needs to be handled, the possibilities are endless.