FAQs for exhibitors about COVID-19


In the event that we have no other choice but to cancel SMM 2022 because of the coronavirus pandemic, we will refund the participation fee (including the AUMA fee and the fee for the marketing package).


If we are forced to cancel SMM 2022 because of the coronavirus pandemic, we will refund the costs incurred when booking services through the OSC.


If you can provide evidence that you are unable to participate because of COVID-19-related restrictions, your participation fee will be refunded (including the AUMA fee and the marketing package). This presupposes that participation is impossible. Mere difficulties are not sufficient.


No. Any services ordered from third parties are exclusively subject to the contractual relationship between the parties to the contract. Therefore HMC will not reimburse you for any of these costs.


In the event of cancellation before acceptance, an administrative fee of € 300.– plus VAT shall be payable (see clause 8.1 ATB). Please submit your withdrawal request in writing.


The safety of our visitors, exhibitors and staff is always on top of our agenda. This is why we have developed a comprehensive hygiene strategy which is based on the stipulations of the current version of the City of Hamburg ordinance for the containment of the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Below please find our recently-published Health And Safety Guidelines. This document applies to all approved events taking place on the exhibition campus.

Read the Health and Safety Guidelines (hamburg-messe.de)


Anyone who can provide an original written medical certificate stating that he/she cannot be vaccinated against the coronavirus due to a medical contraindication must provide a negative coronavirus test certificate

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