Die Weltleitmesse der maritimen Wirtschaft

Mit mehr als 2.200 Ausstellern und rund 50.000 Fachbesuchern aus allen Teilen der Erde hält die SMM weiterhin ihre Position als weltweit führende Messe der maritimen Industrie.

Die Messe ist der perfekten Marktplatz für neue Entwicklungen, Geschäftskontakte und -abschlüsse und bietet Ihnen einmalige Möglichkeiten zum Austausch mit führenden Persönlichkeiten des maritimen Sektors.

After such a long break we are very excited to be able to once again meet at SMM in February 2021, face to face, with all our key customers and partners from all the different maritime industry sectors, in order to share the latest developments, and especially to present our vision about future green propulsion technologies and digital solutions. We believe that now more than ever, increased communication and exchange amongst the Marine industry is extremely important, in order for us to successfully navigate together through these unprecedented and challenging times.

Denise Kurtulus
Director Global Marine & Offshore Business, Rolls-Royce Power Systems / MTU Friedrichshafen

SMM is one of the few places you can turbo-charge your network by re-investing in old friendships, building new ones and learn about the latest developments in our rapidly changing industry. I look forward to attending the postponed SMM in February 2021. It is vital that this wonderfully global celebration of our maritime sector is able to continue

Knut Orbeck-Nilssen
Chief Executive Officer, DNV GL – Maritime

Knut Orbeck-Nilssen

Human beings are social animals, and as such we need to stay in touch with people to move forward and establish a bond of trust. This is extremely important for B2B businesses. We will release a new product at SMM and are looking forward to attend in February 2021. SMM is definitely the place to be!

Cristina Aleixendri
Chief Operating Officer, Bound4Blue

We are a shipbuilding family that needs to meet. We have to laugh together, joke together, celebrate together, and buy together – this we cannot do online. We will definitely be at SMM 2021 and are looking forward to meet the whole maritime family in Hamburg!

Dirk Lehmann
Managing Director / Vice Chairman, Becker Marine Systems / SEA Europe

Without any questions we will all come together at SMM in February 2021. You can’t do such complex industry such as the shipping industry online. I’m sure we will have a lot of fun when we will be able to finally meet in person again.

Martin Stopford
President, Clarkson Research

Meeting people and discussing ideas is an important part of finding solutions to delivering for greener shipping. You can meet the whole wide world via the internet but it is never the same as being at an event like SMM where all members of the shipping community come together, network, and discuss the issues.

Sadan Kaptanoglu
President and Chairperson of the Board, BIMCO

TradeWinds’ flagship conference the Shipowners Forum will take place on 2 February, the first day of SMM 2021. In a hugely challenging, yet crucial year of shipping, major players from Germany and across the world will take part in a lively exchange of views about where the industry is heading. We are looking forward to meeting the maritime community in Hamburg after a long time of social distancing.

Pranjal Borkotoky
Director Conferences – Global Publications, TradeWinds

As co-organisers of the gmec conference, Seatrade is in full support of SMM’s decision to re-schedule the event until 2021 and looks forward to organising another world-class environmental congress on 3 February. We hope to see you there

Chris Morley
Event Director | Seatrade Maritime, Informa

I am very pleased that SMM has been postponed to February 2021 as this allows all of us a better planning. I am looking forward to an excellent Offshore Dialogue on February 4th, 2021 with exciting topics, concerning monitoring and a sustainable use of our oceans.

Dr. Walter L. Kuehnlein
terra.blue advisor I Chairman of the Board of Directors of the German Association for Marine Technology, terra.blue I GMT

There is incredible potential within our industry when we come together to discuss the challenges we collectively face. At WinGD we strive for close contact and collaboration with our customers. SMM allows us to connect with them and with key industry experts, on a personal level, to advance the action required to reduce our impact on the environment and to further innovate and deliver on our own mission. We see it as the key for our industry and we look forward to continuing the conversation in February in Hamburg.

Klaus Heim

We were so happy to hear about the solution to conduct the SMM, the most beautiful and amazing maritime event in the world, in February 2021. Our participating members are certainly looking forward to this great opportunity for networking and business boosting.

Jens Pfeiffer
Chairman German, Shipsuppliers Association

The sector is undergoing tremendous changes. Some will give us headaches, while others will boost business and create new opportunities. In any case, new ways need complex facts, analysis, predictions, opinions and ideas. Tons of reasons to get together, discuss and develop great new concepts - here in Hamburg at SMM. We can hardly wait for Feb 2021!

Dr. Reinhard Lüken
Managing Director, German Shipbuilding and Ocean Industries Association

I am happy that the SMM is only postponed and not cancelled during these strange times. We definitely can work in our home offices for a certain period of time by using all digital communication tools, but doing real business needs seeing and talking to people in real. I am looking forward meeting all friends of our maritime world in February 2021.

Klaus Deleroi
Managing Director, REINTJES GmbH

To a global company like FURUNO, SMM is one of the most valuable maritime trade fairs where we can benefit from face-to-face meetings with customers, business partners or even the local community. It is also an excellent opportunity for new and old colleagues from the business community to gather and build team spirit. FURUNO looks forward to SMM in 2021 and expects it to boost the maritime industry which is currently in a difficult situation.

Muneyuki Koike
Senior Managing Director, FURUNO ELECTRIC CO.,LTD.

Especially in these challenging times, presence and personal exchange are essential. This is what SMM, the world's leading trade fair for the maritime industry, offers to international exhibitors and visitors in February 2021. The German Association for Marine Technology, represented at SMM since 2006, is looking forward to meet the maritime family again.

Petra Mahnke
CEO, German Association for Marine Technology (GMT)

Great ideas are born at the SMM. Being able to closely interact with the leading minds from across the industry is a perennial and dependable source of inspiration for brilliant initiatives and innovations, whether it has to do with digitalization, environmental protection or efficiency enhancements. I am glad the fair will be taking place in 2021.

Richard v.Berlepsch
Managing Director Fleet; Hapag-Lloyd AG

SMM is the leading international maritime trade fair. A place to network, to meet old and new friends, to establish new bonds of trust in our truly global industry. In the end, it doesn‘t matter if this happens in September or February. The most important thing is that we will be able to meet each other again – in order to bring things forward.

Ralf Nagel
Chief Executive Officer, German Shipowners' Association, Hamburg

The rollover of the SMM exhibition to 2021 is really good news and should be seen as an opportunity to analyse and think together further about the insights and experiences gained during the Corona period within our working environment. The possibilities of digitalisation are only one aspect of this. I am also convinced that SMM is the right environment to give decisive impetus to new technologies whereby environmental and climate protection for the maritime domain should be a thematic focus.

Dr. Klaus Borgschulte
Managing Director, Fr. Lürssen Werft GmbH & Co. KG

SMM is the place to be for the forward-looking global maritime industry, even more in challenging times. We are convinced, SMM 2021 will not only provide the first opportunity to meet again within the lively maritime family, but also an important positive impulse for the market following the pandemic turbulences. We are all awaiting this positive impulse eagerly!

Hauke Schlegel
Managing Director, VDMA Marine Equipment and Systems


Mehr als 2.200 Aussteller aus aller Welt

Erneut rund 50.000 Fachbesucher und 90.000 m² Ausstellungsfläche

Beeindruckende Zahlen, die für sich sprechen und auch 2018 die Bedeutung SMM  als wichtigste Veranstaltung in der maritimen Industrie unterstrichen.

Die extrem hohen Besucherzahlen der vergangenen Jahre unterstreichen die demografische Vielfalt der Messe: Es kommen nicht nur Schiffbauer, sondern auch Servicebetreiber und wichtige Akteure aus allen Bereichen der Wertschöpfungskette. Die SMM bietet eine einmalige Chance, sich mit Vertretern der Industrie, der Regierung, der Marine und der wissenschaftlichen Gemeinschaft auszutauschen und zu vernetzen.

Nach der letzten SMM zeigten sich die Aussteller äußerst zufrieden mit den konstruktiven Diskussionen, die sowohl während, als auch nach der Messe geführt wurden. Sie bereiteten den Boden für weitere Geschäfte.

Die SMM ist Kaleidoskop der Trends der Branche. Mehr als die Hälfte aller Besucher kommen, um neue Technologien kennen zu lernen und Innovationen für sich und Ihre Unternehmen zu entdecken. Für Aussteller ergeben sich lohnende und erfolgsversprechende Kontakte, aus denen sich im Nachhinein häufig Verträge in Millionenhöhe ergeben.

Jeder zehnte Besucher an Ihrem Stand besucht Sie mit der Absicht, eine Direktinvestition zu tätigen oder etwas zu kaufen. SMM erlaubt Ihnen nicht nur diesen Besuchern bei einer fundierten Entscheidung zu helfen, sondern gibt Ihnen auch die Möglichkeit, diese Kontakte nachhaltig in Ihre Geschäfte einzubinden.

Stetig steigt die internationale Beteiligung und noch größere Präsenz an Regierungsvertretern, der Marine und maritimen Unternehmen.

Wenn für Sie die Beobachtung von Trends und Innovationen wichtig ist, sind Sie bei der SMM genau auf dem richtigen Kurs.

Daten & Fakten

Daten und Fakten zur SMM

Name:SMM – the leading international maritime trade fair, Hamburg
Datum:02. - 05. September 2021

1 Schiffbau / Werftindustrie
2 Schiffseinrichtung und -ausrüstung
3 Kraftmaschinen / Anstriebssysteme
4 Hilfssysteme der Antriebsanlagen
5 Schiffsbetriebsanlagen
6 Ladungsumschlagssysteme
7 Elektrotechnik / Elektronik
8 Meerestechnik
9 Häfen und Hafentechnik
10 Maritime Dienstleistungen
11 Marineeinsatzsysteme
12 Schiffsmakler und Befrachter
13 Reedereien
14 Medien

Hallen:A-Hallen (Halle A1-A4)
B-Hallen (Halle B1-B7)
Besucher 2018:rund 50.000 Besucher
Aussteller 2018:mehr als 2.200 Aussteller aus aller Welt
Zielregion:national, international


Der Marktplatz für wirtschaftlichen Erfolg

  • 93%aller Aussteller bewerteten die von der SMM gebotenen Möglichkeiten, den Erfolg Ihres Unternehmens zu steigern, mit ausgezeichnet bis zufriedenstellend.

Ausbau von Geschäftskontakten

  • 98%aller Aussteller konnten durch ihre Teilnahme an der SMM 2016 ihre Geschäftskontakte ausbauen, Entscheider der Branche treffen und neue Zielgruppen für ihr Unternehmen erschließen.

Geplante Anwesenheit auf der SMM 2018

  • 97%der Messeteilnehmer erklärten ihre definitive bzw. wahrscheinliche Teilnahme auf der SMM 2018.

Beeindruckend positive Resonanz der Besucher

  • 95%der Besucher aus aller Welt bewerteten die SMM 2016 mit ausgezeichnet bis zufriedenstellend. Diese Gesamtbeurteilung unterstreicht die Bedeutung der SMM als internationale Fachmesse.

Ziele der Besucher

  • 35

    Education/building on own specialist knowledge

  • 48

    Touch base with existing business contacts

  • 55

    Generate new business leads

  • 26

    Check out the competition

  • 46

    Learn about innovations and new technology

  • 32

    Exchange information and experience with peers

  • 42

    Gain an overview of developments in the industry

Gliederung der Aussteller nach Produkt- und Unternehmensart

  • 16

    Ship operating equipment

  • 44

    Ship fitting and equipment

  • 23

    Engines, propulsion technology

  • 49

    Shipbuilding industry

  • 20

    Electrical systems/electronics

  • 18

    Maritime services