Conference Stream

Conference Stream

Conference Stream

For years, the top-class trade conferences have been among the highlights for SMM visitors. Due to the transmission via live stream, this time more viewers took part than ever before. Take the opportunity to access the content here on demand.

As always, the much-noted Maritime Future Summit kicked off the event, this year focusing on the topic of artificial intelligence. gmec - global maritime environmental congress was dedicated to the goal of zero emissions, with the third panel offering an exciting encounter between leading experts of the maritime industry and representatives of the NGOs FridaysForFuture and NABU.

In two rounds of flash talks and panel discussions, the participants of the Offshore Dialogue dealt with the sustainable use of oceanic resources. The MS&D - international conference on maritime security and defence, which ran over two days, addressed a broad range of topics on maritime security on the high seas and in the digital space. And finally, the TradeWinds Digital Forum dealt with the future of container shipping and shipbuilding in the form of a webinar.

All conferences and webinars:

Maritime Future Summit
Offshore Dialogue
TradeWinds Digital Forum

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