Offshore Dialogue

„Driving the maritime transition – new technologies for future needs”


Hamburg, 10th September 2020

An expert discussion on monitoring and sustainable use of the oceans: 

What innovative maritime technologies for monitoring the oceans and detecting changes in the oceans are available today and what is still needed in order to better understand the processes of the climate change and act accordingly? It will be also discussed how digitalization and the digital ocean can be utilized in combination with international cooperation in order to reach our climate targets.

Energy from the oceans is still a technology challenge, what solutions are possible and how would this affect our sensitive ecosystems? Also decommissioning of the existing huge offshore installations will become a very important task for the next decades and needs to be done as environmentally sensitive as possible.

The conference programme for the upcoming SMM will be published in spring 2020.

Review 2018

At the international conference in Hamburg, scientists, engineers and shipbuilding experts gathered to discuss sustainable deep sea mining as well as opportunities and risks of Arctic shipping. The main focus was on the latest maritime technologies – plus the question: When will the time be right to begin exploiting the resources in the deep blue?

Whether for storage batteries, smartphones or components for innovative on-board equipment: The high-tech industry's demand for rare metals is increasing steadily. As the search for more copper, cobalt and rare earths continues, the industry begins to look beyond traditional frontiers – and into regions such as the deep sea and the Arctic. But how can these riches and resources on the Arctic sea bottom be mined without causing severe environmental damage and exorbitant costs? What innovative maritime technologies available today could be used? And how would all this affect pristine ecosystems?

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Offshore Dialogue
Offshore Dialogue

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