SMM is expecting many international business and naval delegations.

In 2018, the SMM welcomed delegations from the following countries:

  • Business: Algeria, Egypt, China, Ghana, India, Iran, Canada, Malaysia, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, USA and Indonesia
  • Naval: Argentina, Brazil, France, Greece, Norway and United Kingdom

Furthermore, many parliamentary representatives, especially from Germany, will visit SMM as well.

Business Delegations

Att SMM, leading companies from all over the world meet together to present innovations, trends and future technologies. A comprehensive conference programme offers the perfect platform for politics, business and associations to learn and discuss the maritime industry's most important topics.

Do you want to be part of a business delegation from your country, or would you like to organise a delegation for your own association/institution or political body?

Please contact your SMM national agent directly or get in touch with us:

Cerstin Probst
Visitor Delegation

Naval Delegations

For naval delegations, MS&D is a must-attend event. This year's key topics are the security of international seaways and maritime infrastructure, the deployment of naval forces in international crisis operations, digital security under the threat of cyber-attack and new trends in naval technology and green technology.

We can offer naval delegations the following assistance:

  • Permanent passes for SMM
  • Free entry to SMM conferences: MS&D Konferenz, Maritime Future Summit, gmec, Offshore Dialogue
  • Help with visa enquiries
  • Guided tours of the exhibition halls
  • Organisation of corporate visits
  • ...and other attractive services

Please contact:

Christiane Krüger
Naval Delegations