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FAQs for visitors

Because of the coronavirus pandemic and the travel restrictions, SMM will be held as fully digital event. Welcome to the SMM DIGITAL – the maritime business hub.

Exhibitors can choose from one of our Digital Packages on our website and present their company from 2 to 5 February on SMM DIGITAL and another 1.5 years till SMM 2022 with the potential of 50.000 contacts from our maritime database.

The exhibitor’s company and product profiles are available for visitors by a search algorithm. The digital visit is free of charge. The extensive SMM conference program will be charged. If you are one of our newsletter-subscribers or LinkedIn followers we will keep you updated from January on and will point new conference and content highlights out.

We will aggregate the entire spectrum of products and services offered by the international maritime industry at By registering for this platform free of charge, you will have access to a wide range of industry content. The exhibitor and product profiles will provide you with a broad overview of the maritime industry and many options for interaction, including digital appointments, chats and matchmaking features. You are able to register for the chargeable conference program in our ticketshop from 1st Dec 2020 on.

The SMM website will work with all current browsers and common operating systems (Windows, Mac) without requiring any additional software. The apps for Android and iOS will be published in the usual app stores where you will also find detailed information about minimum requirements.

The next regular SMM will take place from 6 to 9 September 2022.

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