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FAQs SMM 2021

Because of the coronavirus pandemic and the travel restrictions, SMM will be held as fully digital event. Welcome to SMM DIGITAL – the maritime business hub.

You can choose from one of our Exhibitor Packages on our website and present your company from 2 to 5 February 2021 on SMM DIGITAL and remain another 1.5 years on the Maritime Business Hub till SMM 2022 with the potential of 50.000 contacts from our maritime database.

No, there will not be any virtual exhibition stands. Exhibitors will instead be able to present company and product profiles and solutions, product-related materials and press releases. Furthermore, they can participate in virtual, themed special exhibitions and interact directly with users through the website and app. By utilising our address pool for personalised mailings, exhibitors will have access to SMM’s 50,000 highly qualified contacts of SMM.

Yes. As communicated earlier, we will reimburse you fully for the participation fee you have paid, including the AUMA fee and the flat fee for the marketing package.

The digital services for exhibitors can now be booked online.

The SMM conference program will be available via the chargeable “Premium Stream”. The visitor ticket shop will open on 1st Dec. The conference program is already online. Please check our website for updates. Additional there will be a free of charge “Open Stream”. The program is in progress. More information will follow on our website, LindedIn and in our eNews.

Yes, all exhibitors will be able to make appointments and extend invitations for meetings. There will be the option to invite further participants to a private video chat and to show documents.

It is panned to have some Slots in the free “Open Stream”. Companies that are interested and those who already booked a slot for the Open Stages at SMM 2021 please contact Mandy Jordan via Mail.

It is planned to hold the Maritime Career Market digitally as its own theme world. Companies that are interested and those who already applied for the MCM 2021 please contact Mandy Jordan via Mail.

The next on-site SMM trade fair will takes place from 6 to 9 September 2022.

We are activating our entire address pool for On this basis, our platform is open to more than 50,000 participants to meet digitally from 2 to 5 February 2021 and use our Maritime business hub till SMM 2022.

The highest traffic rates are concentrated during SMM DIGITAL – the maritime business hub from 2 to 5 February 2021. In principle, the digital platform is globally available 24/7 until the next SMM in 2022. We keep it updated and regularly invite all visitors to the platform to see new products and highlights. This means that your digital offer is also fully discoverable and can be updated by you.

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