SMM goes fully digital and extends from four days to one and a half years

Thank you for your interest in attending SMM. Due to ongoing global travel restrictions, we decided to fully digitalise and extend the event. With a powerful digital platform we turn the world's largest meeting place for the maritime industry into a lasting global industry marketplace. Starting with the upcoming SMM DIGITAL from 2 – 5 February 2021, it enables your company to maintain a permanent presence until the next SMM in September 2022.

We are proud to offer you attractive participant packages which give your company high visibility at and make it easy to find your products and services. Enjoy effective tools for building customer relationships and unbeatable marketing opportunities at the most important virtual gathering of the global maritime industry – around the clock, for one and a half years:


  • Comprehensive presentations of companies and products
  • Unlimited uploading and downloading of content
  • Direct interaction, chats and matchmaking with interested parties
  • On-target news and communications to media representatives
  • Networking, recruiting and conference participation

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We’re looking forward to making your participation a success – online globally 24/7until next SMM from 6 – 9 September 2022.

Discover our participant packages and add-on digital services.

With four preconfigured, expandable service packages we cater to the needs of a wide spectrum of exhibitors, making it easy for everyone to find what they need. Starting in November, every package can be customised by adding some extra options from our range of supplementary digital services, such as an online banner, newsletter ad placements, top-of-list placements and more.

* Set-up Fee is waived for registrations received before 31 December 2020. All prices are net prices exclusive of legal VAT.
Company logo
Product categories
Company description
Product profiles
Contact information
Content to download
Contact persons

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Press releases  
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Theme routes    

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Conference tickets    

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Set-up Fee
499 €*
499 €*
499 €*
499 €*
€ 3,900
€ 4,900
€ 9,900
€ 19,900

Your company profile and its core elements:

SMM DIGITAL company profile
Your company profile and its core elements:

Business card

Provides visitors with basic information about your company, what it sells and key contact information.


Present the highlights of your products and/or services portfolio. Provide webinars, company news, descriptions of featured innovative products and/or your optional video contribution. Use visual enhancements where appropriate. The Stage showcases up to nine selectable items from your content, which is fully featured in the “More information” section. The more content you have posted to your company profile, the more easily the website search algorithm can access specific items and match them to the interests of individual visitors.

Theme routes

Visitors to SMM are guided via five theme routes to exhibitors with specific focal points: digitalisation, environment, maritime security and defence, careers or interior fittings for passenger ships. In this optional section of your company profile, you can indicate which theme route(s) you are participating in. As an exhibitor on the Job Route, for example, you will have the opportunity to tap the full potential of the employment market by presenting yourself as an attractive employer.

Contact persons

Are you ready to answer customer enquiries and establish new business contacts?

Introduce your entire team of experts in this area, and allow visitors to contact them directly. Depending on the exhibitor package you have booked, you may post the profiles of one, up to five or an unlimited number of contacts.

More information

The content pool of your digital company profile. The content stored here feeds the Stage in the upper portion of your exhibitor profile.

The SMM community in your hands:

The SMM community in your hands:

With intelligent networking functions and intuitive operation, the new SMM app connects you with about 50,000 maritime industry professionals


Card stack

Decide who and what is important: using a card stack, the new SMM app presents all participating companies, industry professionals, webinars or conference sessions and speakers. Users can indicate whether they are “interested” or “not interested” by simply wiping the card. If they are interested, they can immediately delve deeper and initiate personal contact via the matchmaking function.

The app’s algorithm uses the selection made to specifically recommend further content. Thus, with each interaction, the user experience on the website and app is more precisely personalised and tailored to the individual interests of each user. Companies that want to draw more attention to their offerings can also place banners in the card stack.


The smart way to make contact: based on the profiles and professional interests of thousands of experts in the maritime industry, users can initiate personal contact requests and build their own network. The matchmaking function accesses a pool of about 50,000 continuously updated, qualified data sets and uses a smart matching algorithm that suggests specific contact recommendations based on the connections of individuals. To start a chat, favorite apps such as Whatsapp or iMessage can be used.

My Messe

Personal information always well sorted and synchronized: in the “My Messe” section, users can create their own personal selection of information about companies, events, products and people and access it both via app and website. Single Sign On enables convenient access to all end devices via a single account.

Plenty of value included: our participant packages in detail – added value for you.

Company logo

Enhance your visibility: embed your logo into your company profile and search results to improve your company’s visibility and attract more attention from visitors.

Contact information

Help visitors find you: your company’s entry in your company profile will include your address along with hyperlinks to your website and social media channels.

Product categories

Make sure you are found: select an unlimited number of product and/or offer categories from our list to improve your search result placement.

Content to download

Share material: upload unlimited content to download, including product descriptions, case studies, white papers, e-magazines, etc.

Company description

Highlight your expertise: include a more detailed company description to inform visitors viewing your profile about your range of products/services.

Contact persons

Generate leads: publish the contact info for your customer service representatives and in-house experts so interested visitors can get in touch directly. The published contact persons can actively participate in matchmaking in order to offer visitors a targeted opportunity for discussion.

Product profiles

Showcase your capabilities: make any number of entries to present your products using both text and images.

All the features of the Starter Package and …



Maximise your expo footprint: freely select and combine search terms to direct specific searches to your profile and enhance traffic.


Keep the media in the loop: communicate innovative product and company news directly from the platform to media representatives.

Press releases

Reach the press: attach downloadable press releases to your exhibitor profile.

Video content

Deliver content: offer videos about your products, webinars or other dynamic content to visitors viewing your profile.

All the features of the Performer Package and …


Profile in “Recommendations”

Enhance your expo presence: your company’s brief profile will appear on the Stage of the SMM website, alternating with other profiles, where it will attract attention, especially from visitors using “Recommendations” to guide their searches.

Theme Routes

Be found better –­ by visitors and applicants. Within the SMM theme routes, visitors are guided to exhibitors with specific focal points: digitalisation, environment, maritime security and defence, careers or interior fittings for passenger ships. Participating exhibitors receive a corresponding entry in their company profile and are marked with the respective theme route icon in the exhibitor catalogue, in the online exhibitor directory, in the visitor guide and in the app. The Master Package includes participation in a theme route of your choice, the VIP Package allows participation in any number of theme routes.

  • Cruise & Ferry Route
  • Digital Route
  • Green Route
  • Job Route
  • Security & Defence Route
Conference tickets

Learn what drives the maritime transition: at the specialist conferences accompanying SMM, leading figures in the maritime industry discuss progress and challenges in the different fields of maritime transition – from digitalisation and financing to green shipping and offshore projects. Don’t miss any insights: Maritime Future Summit, TradeWinds Shipowners Forum, gmec – global maritime environmental congress, Offshore Dialogue and MS&D – the international conference on maritime security and defence. The Master Package includes one ticket, the VIP Package includes two tickets.

All the features of the Master Package and …


Website banner campaign in the “For visitors” section (30 days)

Expand your reach: a 30-day banner campaign will enhance the visibility of your company in the most frequented area of the digital platform.

Website banner campaign in the “Discover” section (30 days)

Expand your reach: a 30-day banner campaign will enhance your company’s visibility. Your banner will appear on the landing page of the “Discover” section and in the list of search results after every tenth result.

Banner in newsletter

Build brand awareness: use an eye-catching section in our official SMM email newsletter to raise awareness of your products and services among our around 50,000 newsletter recipients. Include links to your company website or to content in your company profile.

Content in newsletter

Expand your customer base: present high-value content in the style of an advertorial in an SMM email newsletter that will be sent out to the entire event mailing list. Offer your target audience participation in webinars produced by your company, or post exclusive white papers to download. This is a highly effective option to generate leads and initiate a conversation with potential customers.

Generate interest and new leads through our newsletter services.

Take advantage of SMM’s global newsletter emailing list to showcase your products and services and expand your customer base among the right audience. We make it easy for you to reach out to experts and decision-makers from all segments related to the global maritime industry.

Benefit from our participant packages and add-on digital services, and select one of the following formats in our newsletters:

  • Banner in newsletter (including a link to your company website or expo profile)
  • Content in newsletter (your content will be integrated in an official email message from SMM in a format similar to an advertorial)

Use our performance indicators to drive your company’s performance.

Top 5 industry sectors

  • 17 %

    Shipping companies/management

  • 14 %

    Mechanical engineering/plant construction

  • 11 %


  • 10 %

    Electronics/electrical engineering

  • 10 %

    Maritime services

Top 5 areas of responsibility

  • 26 %

    Management, corporate management, plant management

  • 16 %

    Sales, distribution

  • 14 %

    Research, development, construction

  • 7 %

    Maintenance, servicing

  • 5 %


Influence on buying decisions

  • 25 %


  • 38 %


  • 18 %


  • 19 %



The most important gathering of the global maritime industry is the perfect place for you to reach out to decision-makers and experts from the entire value chain. Benefit from performance indicators that only SMM can offer.

(Source: FKM industry visitor structural survey, SMM 2018, conducted by Gelszus Messe-Marktforschung, Hamburg)

Customise your appearance: add-on digital services.

All prices are net prices exclusive of statutory VAT.

All information also available for download

For information on our Participant Packages and further digital services you can book, please review our participant brochure.

SMM DIGITAL - participant brochure

Let us join hands to drive the maritime transition.