Bronswerk Group

Bronswerk Continues To Grow

As a global leader, Bronswerk Group offers complete Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Solutions (HVAC-R) for the merchant marine, military and offshore industries. They have the ability, the know-how and the expertise to manage the entire process from concept to commissioning, including installation and through life support. Bronswerk has been actively involved in marine HVAC projects providing cost-effective, easy maintainable and reliability solutions for commercial ships from tugs to ferries to containers ships. They have successfully completed recent projects such as: 2019M LNG ConRo Ship 1, WSF Ferries Ships 3 & 4, Senesco Tug Hull 214 and Alaska Ferry Ship 1. Bronswerk also act as a key supplier for different military programs such as: the Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy, been involved on both coasts, and Turkish projects such as: Milgem Corvettes and Fleet Tanker. Bronswerk continues to expand their Canadian and international business with a proven seamless system integration approach. By managing the complete process from concept to commissioning and through life support this allows them to take responsibility for each step.