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Hamburg Messe’s media services lets you get in touch with visitors not only during but before the event. Placing your personal business card in the exhibitor directory will extend your reach and enable you to attract the right visitors. Whether through Smart Matching, LeadTracking, or our visitor management tool, Hamburg Messe's digital services helps exhibitors increase the visibility of their products and services while providing a cost-effective and efficient way to organise their trade fair participation.


Scope of services of the Marketing Package

Generate more leads – the easy and efficient way

Nourish existing customer relationships, generate leads, or simply order exhibitor ID cards: The Exhibitor Ticket Shop lets exhibitors find out ahead of time how many of their invitations have had positive responses, and plan visitor capacity for their exhibition stand.

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Your visitor planning centre

It is your faithful assistant and planning tool: With more than 100,000 online users and a print run of 40,000 copies, it gives exhibitors coverage and visibility, both before and during the event. As an exhibitor at SMM your package includes assignment to one product/service category, as well as one tag, five free search terms, a comprehensive company profile including contact information and your expo stand number, plus two detailed product descriptions.

SMM exhibitor directory 2018

Winning Contacts

Providing a personalised trade fair experience for visitors, and comprehensive information for exhibitors, Hamburg Messe’s Online Matchmaking service gives visitors personalised recommendations while helping exhibitors obtain more information about their leads, both during and after the event.

Extended reach before and during the event

At the 2020 SMM we will again provide a mobile app for your smartphone. It provides you with an ideal way to prepare your visit at the leading international maritime trade fair, allowing you to search the product and service listings and exhibitor directory of SMM Hamburg 2018 with ease.

SMM app

Improve visitor visibility

With a video wall, point-of-sale screens and interactive information totems, Hamburg Messe supports exhibitors with ideal, attention-grabbing devices to enhance communication with visitors.

The video wall at the central entrance alone will reach one third of fair visitors.

Free visitor WLAN

Basis for successful business. Thanks to WLAN and app or mobile website, visitors can find exhibitors quickly and directly.

Hamburg Messe provides free WLAN for all trade fair visitors.

Secure your place at the fair – quickly and directly

Whether you are a seasoned trade fair participant or a first-time exhibitor, the Online Service Centre (OSC) is your single point of access for all bookings and services relevant to your presence at the expo. Update information, request services, or make enquiries – the Hamburg Messe OSC, which is constantly being upgraded, allows you to manage your trade fair participation easily and efficiently.

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We're here to help your brand stand out

pre-configured and tailor-made sponsoring opportunities

At SMM and its conferences, you have many options to reach high-value target groups with utmost accuracy. Take advantage of our sponsoring opportunities to secure an optimal presence of your brand. Just give us a call, and we’ll find out what suits you best.

We have vast experience in supporting companies with a range of measures that effectively maximise the visual impact of a brand. Depending on your specific needs, you may opt for one of our sponsoring packages – or you may challenge us to develop a tailor-made solution together with you. We’re open for individual formats and love to listen to your ideas to help you stand out in the way you want.

Our sponsoring packages enable you to
• ensure the desired level of attention for your brand
• reach specific target groups effectively
• generate high-impact visibility among all visitors, before and during SMM
• address VIPs or conference delegates and audiences in an exclusive and uncluttered environment

For more packages and detailed information, please visit

Your individual sponsoring package
Please do not hesitate to contact us for a solution tailor-made to your specific needs.

Christoph Lücke
+49 (0)40 3569 2135

We pave the way for your business success

From in-app advertising to lead-tracking and beyond

Exhibiting at SMM is all about raising attention, initiating communication and, last but not least, generating business success. That's why we offer you a wealth of marketing tools that help you make the most of your appearance at SMM. One that comes for free is our hashtag #SMMfair – please use it when posting on social media.

To attract the attention of your target groups at an early stage, we also offer marketing measures prior to SMM. The wide range of options includes newsletter ads to feature your product as well as an online and in-app presence including banners and logos.

At the event, our numerous on-site ad spaces and digital signage solutions help you raise attention. Moreover, our Smart Matching service in combination with our Online Exhibitor Directory reccomends your brand to potential leads that you can magae easily with our LeadTracking service and export into your CRM system.

Our marketing tools enable you to

  • reach out to new and existing customers long before and during SMM
  • raise attention for your themes, products and exhibition appearance
  • distinguish your brand from competitors
  • facilitate your customers' route to your stand and manage leads comfortably

Powerful marketing before and during SMM

Once you have been accepted as an exhibitor, you can book your media entries and advertising comfortably and easily through the Online Service Centre. For further information please contact our Media Services Team.

Expand your marketing package to include remarketing campaigns or advertisements on the video wall at the central entrance. Design your bespoke marketing initiatives at the fair together with our service partner Sutter Fair Business.

A. Sutter Fair Business GmbH
//// Medien für Messen
Bottroper Straße 20
45141 Essen

If you have any questions please contact us:
Phone: +49 201 52353 - 509
Fax: +49 201 52353 - 2509

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LeadTracking app explained in only 1:23min

Use our LeadTracking service to optimise your lead management

Focus fully on the conversation – and import visitor information automatically through our LeadTracking service. Notes, search terms and assessments allow you to prioritise visitors, and thanks to the integrated export feature and interfaces with common CRM systems, trade fair follow-up is easier than ever.

Order LeadTracking through the OSC

We lead the visitors to your stand

Join our theme routes

With five theme routes, we make it easy for visitors to find exhibitors in their area of interest. It's smart to join, if one of them fits your offering. Participating exhibitors will be colour-market specifically in all the exhibitor directories online and offline and in the SMM app. Visitors can view them on any device and arrange a personal shortlist. The exhibitors of each route are also market in the hall plans of the visitor guide.


Digital Route Green Route Security & Defence Route Cruise & Ferry Route Job Route

Advertising Space

You want to expand your presence and stand out clearly from your competitors?

We offer spectacular indoor and outdoor advertising in the foyer and throughout the exhibition grounds. With advertising, such as flags, mega posters and outdoor banners you can draw a lot of attention to your stand.

Franke Dauerwerbung GmbH + Co. KG

Oliver Franke
Arena Str. 1
40474 Düsseldorf

Phone: + 49 211-435 37 33
Fax: + 49 211-470 89 12

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Inform media and visitors with your Exhibitor News

Be a part of the Exhibitor News and provide advance information on innovations, trends and new products to be presented by your company at SMM. Your news will appear in the online press service of SMM, in the online exhibitor directory, and in the SMM app.

Use effective campaigns at your stand.

Would you like to appeal to more than 50,000 international visitors at SMM, and draw their attention directly to your products and/or services? Then you can obtain a campaign licence from us. 

Any questions? Our Partner Dauerwerbung Franke is happy to give you individual advice on all your products.