3 questions to Helge Tryti

Director Innovation Norway, India

Mr. Tryti, India is currently the second fastest growing economy in the world. What are the maritime drivers that play or will play a role in this growth process?
Similar to Norway, India is a maritime nation because of its 7500 km long coastline and geographic location. In fact, India is the only country which has an ocean named after it – the Indian Ocean. So, it is natural that the maritime sector plays a significant role in India’s social-economic development. As you have mentioned, India is the fastest growing emerging economy. 90 percent of its trade is carried by the shipping sector. As the economy grows, India’s international trade will also grow, giving a boost to the shipping and ports sectors. This gets reflected in several government initiatives like the SAGARMALA project. 

In addition to growth in international & coastal shipping, there has been great emphasis on the development of inland waterways in India. The Indian Parliament has approved 106 new national waterways. The first waterway and multimodal hub was inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi in 2018. This will create demand for passenger ferries, barges, cargo vessels that can operate in shallow waters. We also see infrastructure related to cruise tourism being developed in big way.  

Overall, India has embarked on the journey to become a Blue-Economy and this will drive the growth of the maritime sector in India. 

Innovation Norway helps Norwegian companies grabbing the Indian maritime market potential again organizes a Norwegian National Pavilion at INMEX SMM India 2019. Who do you invite to become part of the pavilion?
Companies from all areas like ship design & ship building, equipment supplies, digital technologies, propulsion systems, clean fuel technologies (LNG, methanol, hydrogen, bio-fuels), ballast water management and more are most welcome to exhibit within the pavilion. 
With the increasing focus on digital and sustainable technologies, we also reach out to technology driven companies for participation in the event. We at Innovation Norway work closely with all the stakeholders in the Norwegian maritime industry. Most companies from the sector are members of Norwegian Maritime Exporters and we join hands in reaching out to them. Moreover, the Norwegian Maritime Clusters, Maritime Forum and the Shipowners’ Association, are some other contact points for us. 

What advice do you personally give international companies that plan to do business with the Indian maritime industry?
As I mentioned, India is a maritime nation and international companies have strong presence here. They are doing good business in areas like ship design & ship building, offshore & LNG.  However, there is much more that they can do. The maritime sector in India is full of opportunities. The Indian government has taken necessary steps to give boost to the sector. Norwegian companies for example have the necessary technology, knowledge & expertise, and, in my opinion, there is an Ocean of Opportunities for India-Norway Maritime Cooperation.

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