Extensive product categories

The expertise of the international maritime industry is represented in its entirety at SMM. Exhibitors include large-scale industrial ship and shipyard engineering, ship fittings and equipment, cargo handling systems, offshore engineering, maritime services, and much more.

1.1 Ships (including repairs and refits)
1.1.1 Seagoing ships Bulk carriers Car carriers Container ships Cruise ships Ferries Fishing vessels General cargo vessel LNG and LPG carriers Mega yachts Oil tankers Product and chemicals carriers RoRo ships
1.1.2 Inland waterway crafts Barges Dry cargo vessels Ferries Passenger vessels Tankers
1.1.3 Naval vessels Submarines Surface warships OPV (offshore patrol vessels)
1.1.4 Offshore supply vessels Drill Ships, FPSO / FSO Offshore supplier Wind turbine installation vessel
1.1.5 Ships for special assignments Dredger Research vessel Tugs / push boats Crafts for authorities and special-purpose ships
1.2 Shipbuilding materials and semi-finished goods
1.2.1 Non-ferrous metal
1.2.2 Other shipbuilding materials
1.2.3 Plastic material
1.2.4 Shipbuilding steel
1.3 Ships’ sections
1.4 Shipyard installations and equipment
1.4.1 Accessories
1.4.2 Docks and pontoons
1.4.3 EDP technology
1.4.4 Lifting and transport technology
1.4.5 Measuring technology
1.4.6 Metal processing and metalworking
1.4.7 Paint spraying equipment
1.4.8 Scaffolding and racking
1.4.9 Ship cleaning
1.4.10 Storage technology
1.5 Superstructure, deckhouses

2.1 Canal and cable chanels2.2Doors and windows2.2.1 Doors2.2.2 Locks and hinges2.2.3 Windows2.3 Heat, noise and fire insulation2.4 Lifts and mobile stairways2.5 Pipes and hoses2.6 Room layout including ventilation and air-conditioning plants2.6.1 for corridors, lobbies, accommodation, dining rooms, lounges and shops2.6.2 for operational and catering areas, nautical rooms, workshops and stores2.6.3 for recreation areas, hospital and sanitary facilities2.7 Ship, deck and safety equipment2.7.1 Anchor fittings and accessories2.7.2 Deck coverings2.7.3 Deck machinery and accessories2.7.4 Hatch cover and fittings2.7.5 Insulation2.7.6 Marine coatings, anti-corrosion materials2.7.7 NBC – protection2.7.8 Safety and rescue equipment2.8 Stairways, rails, top rails2.9 Stock and decoration, lighting, interior fittings2.9.1 Furniture, soft furnishings, covers, floor coverings2.9.2 Interior decoration, colour schemes, paints for interior use2.9.3 Light fittings2.10 Walls, ceilings, furniture systems and modules2.10.1 Cabins2.10.2 Furniture systems and modules2.10.3 Walls and ceilings



3.1 Bearings
3.2 Brakes
3.3 Combustion Engines

3.3.1 < 1 MW
3.3.2 1-30 MW
3.3.3 > 30 MW

3.4. Couplings
3.5 Engine components
3.6 Engine maintenance
3.7 Exhaust gas systems/ exhaust gas treatment
3.8 Fuel cell drives
3.9 Gears
3.10 Hybrid drives
3.11 Injection systems
3.12 Other drive systems
3.13 Pod drives
3.14 Propellers
3.15 Shaft units
3.16 Systems and components for alternative fuels
3.17 Tools and accessories
3.18 Turbines
3.19 Turbochargers
3.20 Water-jet drives

4.1 Compressed air systems*
4.2 Cooling water systems*
4.3 Diesel generators*
4.4 Fuel systems*
4.4.1 Dual-Fuel*
4.4.2 LNG*
4.4.3 Methanol / Biofuels*
4.4.4 MFO / MDO*
4.5 Fuels, coolants
4.6 Lubricating oil systems*
4.7 Shaft-driven generators*
4.8 Sludge and dirty oil systems*

* Including pumps, valves, separators, coolers, compressors, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, filters, pipe systems,

5.1 Air-conditioning and ventilation systems*
5.2 Cooling systems*
5.3 Environmental protection technology and products*
5.4 Fire extinguishing systems*
5.5 Freshwater systems*
5.6 Heating systems*
5.7 Heel compensation units*
5.8 Lateral thrusters*
5.9 Pump and ballast systems*
5.10 Rudder units*
5.11 Ship safety equipment*
5.12 Stabiliser units*
5.13 Tank cleaning systems*
5.14 Tank filling systems*
5.15 Tank heating systems*
5.16 Waste systems*
5.17 Waste water systems*

* Including pumps, valves, separators, coolers, compressors, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, filters, pipe systems,

6.1 Lashing material
6.2 Cargo handling systems for containers
6.3 Cargo handling systems for dry cargo
6.4 Cargo handling systems for liquid cargo
6.5 Cargo handling systems for other cargo
6.6 Conveyor systems

7.1 Communications equipment
7.2 EDP technology
7.3 Electric propulsion technology
7.3.1 Converters
7.3.2 Electric motors
7.3.3 Generators
7.3.4 Transformers
7.3.5 Transverters
7.4 Lighting systems
7.5 Monitoring systems
7.6 Naval sensors
7.7 Navigation and position-fixing equipment
7.8 Shipboard networks, switchgear, installation
7.9 Ship management systems
7.10 Ship operation and automation equipment
7.11 Warning and safety equipment

8.1 Fixed and floating marine structures / platforms
8.2 Marine data, measurement and communication technology
8.3 Marine equipment and components
8.4 Offshore technology for exploitation of natural resources
8.5 Polar technology
8.6 Subsea technology
8.7 Systems and equipment for marine research
8.8 Systems and equipment for the control of marine pollution

9.1 Cargo handling and transport systems
9.2 External power supply
9.3 Floating and suction dredgers and components
9.4 Port construction and infrastructure
9.5 Port logistics
9.6 Port security systems
9.7 Supply and disposal systems
9.8 Vessel traffic

10.1 Classification
10.2 Consulting
10.3 Design
10.4 Documentation
10.5 Education and research
10.6 Financing
10.7 Hydrography
10.8 Institutions and organisations and asssociations
10.9 Insurance
10.10 Logistics services
10.11 Ships’ suppliers
10.12 Training and simulation
10.13 Vessel protection teams

11.1. Counter piracy systems
11.1 Diving and underwater equipment
11.2 Missiles, artillery, torpedoes
11.3 Naval aviation
11.4 Non-lethal weapon systems
11.5 Unmanned vehicles